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Stephanie Davis is a certified Enneagram Professional accredited with distinction by the IEA (International Enneagram Association) who has 

been teaching the Enneagram for almost 30 years.


Along with her extensive education in the Enneagram, Stephanie is educated in Psychology, Business, and Systems Theory and is a CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional), a Master Trainer of NLP, and is certified in Core Transformation, Neuroptimal, Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Hypnotherapy, MARI,  & Metaphors of Movement.

She has trained hundreds of thousands of people to be more successful on teams, in sales, in service and in navigating the white water rapids of change. 

Her clients have included: Apollo Companies, BP, Cadbury, Canon, Century 21, Club Med, Cush Automotive, Excellerated Business School, Fast Company, Google, Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson, L'Oreal, Malaysian Air Force, MasterCard, Microsoft, National University, Olivetti, Prudential, Reckitt & Coleman, Realty World, Remax, So Cal Gas, Transamerica, Toshiba, Wellcome, US Navy, & US Marines


The Enneagram is an incredibly accurate map of what motivates different types of people at the deepest levels. It's also an amazing tool for deep self-awareness, transformation and understanding others. It can be used for personal development, working well with others, and leadership development. 

It describes the "wiring" or "operating system" that drives your character. When you learn the Enneagram, you learn to draw upon your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses so you can be happier, stronger, and more effective while understanding and empowering others in ways you never thought possible. 

What Clients Say



CEO Earthwaking University

“Stephanie Davis is hands down the most knowledgeable speaker on psychological and strategic business success topics I have ever heard. Because of her depth and breadth of knowledge combined with her extremely efficient mind, she has a unique ability to compress time. A 30-minute presentation from her can leave you feeling 30 yrs wiser. Stephanie Davis = deep wisdom + unconditional compassion filtered through a mind that processes information like a network of supercomputers! She is one of a kind and gets 5 stars across the board from me! ”

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